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Re: CO2

I've stuck with the chart readings unless I good reason to suspect otherwise
If there is another issue going on, it's peat or phosphate(perhaps other
systems can do this etc to adjust pH)). A good water change takes care of
this in almost every single case to reduce it's effects. Then apply the
chart after. Pretty simple solution to any chart related problem. Your test
reading from the kit I would not trust as much personally. A water change
plus the chart I would. That's never done me wrong even if the tap has high
PO4 levels.
> I assume that the relationship between pH, KH and CO2 still holds true for
> my tank so I'll also stick with the chart readings.

> Did anyone else have problems using the Tetra CO2 test kit?

No problem if you do not own one or use it:-)
Tom Barr
> Davy Cleys