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Re: Re: art and the planted aquarium

>>Those who are not only interested in having a pretty tank, but also
willing to put in the effort necessary to raise their tanks to the level
of art are probably a minority voice on APD.  There are also the
gadgeteers and the technicians, the gardeners, the botanists, the fish
keepers and the marketers. Probably most of us are in the middle,
wanting to enjoy many aspects of the hobby.  Between the extremes of the
hobby the divisions can be fairly deep.<<

I agree, I think the history of this list is that the majority ofthe people
have had little interest in attaining artistic heights, and the discussion
leaders of this group has always primarily been interested in the
cultivation, physiology...scientific aspects of the hobby.

But I think that is changing. It is evident from last years show and this
years show that more people, particularly in North America, are striving
towards that goal. Arthurs pictures at http://www.awaqua.com/ is a fine
example of that, and Erik Leung's pics are inspiring, a long way from his
solid wall of orange ammania! One of the winners pics was actually taken
from a gallery in Houston, a public GALLERY that features aquarium artists
who apprarently have become commercially  successfull in their aquascapes.
To my knowledge it is the only place like this in the country.

I made a comment earlier about the best of show being a Dutch aquascape
again, and then realized after I sent it that both the contestant and the
judges considered it modeled after Amano. To me it looks more dutch
influenced than Japanese, I guess because of the tall rear plants and bright
colors. But I think even these lines are being crossed. Amano doesnt only do
wide open grassy fields and beds of glosso or Riccia anymore, and dutch
aquascapes seem to be taking on more open, natural looking foregrounds. The
artistic expression is evolving from variious influences, and many people
newer to the hobby are begining to realize that a more thought out
expression is not to difficult or beyond their capability.

There is of course room for many levels of interest in this hobby, and I
believe this hobby is still in its infancy where the artistic expression
will grow in leaps and bounds.

I think the next level of expression will be in more realistic biotope type
settings with very detailed combination of rockwork and wood along with
plants. I dont even think the surface of that aspect has been scratched yet.
For example, the submission of Jeffery Senske in the Xtra large class, that
did not win anything, but I found interesting. I agreed with the judges
comment that the discus looked out of place with that type of design, but
the detail of that giant mound in the center of the tank was fasinating to

Robert Paulb Hudson
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