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Hi all,

I bought some Limnophila at my lfs - it was labeled Limnophila Aquatica, but 
I am not sure if that is what it really is. I am having to prune it pretty 
heavily because it gets slimy brown algae on it, and also because it gets 
too tall for the tank - right now I can't have anything floating at the top 
of the water level or I get green pond scum; very ugly. The tank is only 
about 5 months old & I am still trying to get all the stuff balanced.

So here's my question, can you prune it by just cutting off the top and 
sticking it into the gravel, like Rotala indica or Hygro polysperma? The 
tops seem to grow well when I do this, but the botton parts left behind 
don't send out new shoots. Is this how it is supposed to be, or am I doing 
something wrong? It propogates by runners, so if I yank out a shoot I get 
several others too which I don't want.

And also, why does it get slimy brown algae when *none* of the other plants 
in the aquarium, including the similarly leafed Myriophillium matogrossense, 
get it? The slimy brown algae only shows up around the top couple of inches 
where the growth is most dense. The flag fish used to pick at it but they 
seem to have given up.


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