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Re: : art and the planted aquarium

>>Actually, if you take a peek at the site, we basically did that.  I have
added the judging criteria page back (thanks Robert S for the suggestion!)
so you can see what exactly the judges used to rate each tank.  Over half
the points were "art-related", but there is a percentage of the points
just for "Viability", i.e. appropriatenexss of fish and plants.<<

Why cant more of this information be put with the picture? A score on each
of the catagories...something. I found it very odd both last year and this
year when some entries that won a ribbon seemed to have only negative or
critisising comments quoted. It just seems wierd to read critisisims next to
a ribbon.  And another thing that bothered me was why is it that one judge
in particular seems to have quoted comments in the majority of the entries
while quotes from other judges are rarely given? I wondered why so much
emphasise seemed to be put on the fish and inhabitants, everything from the
colors of the fish clashing with the plants, thats seems extreme to me.

Robert Paul Hudson