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Onyx and the Conference

Tom Barr wrote:

> >The other potential source of delay, at least with Onyx, was that
> >the mine was having problems delivering material to
> >distributors...it all added up to a long delay.

Greg Morin wrote back:

> Huh? Who told you that? We have had no problems with Onyx supplies to
> our distributors.

Tom wrote back:

> On the set up Amano did:
> It was interesting to note onyx mixed in with a top layer > of ADA's
> I noticed Amano was pleased with it. That would be
> interesting to try out. I think the results would be
> excellent.

Well... I was there when the substrate was chosen, so let me tell you how it
happened ;-)

Amano-san could only bring a small amount of his "Amazonia" substrate with
him because of the weight involved.  So when we were at Charlene's
warehouse, she let him go through all of her different substrate options.
She has several colors/sizes of quartz gravel, Turface, Profile, Flourite
and Onyx.  He chose the Onyx because Charlene told him that of all her
substrate options, she thinks that it and Flourite grow plants better than
any of the others.  He normally uses a layer of his "Power Sand" on the
bottom, covered with about 2" of "Amazonia".    He specifically chose the
Onyx because the color and texture were a little closer to that of his
"Amazonia" substrate that he wanted to demonstrate.  That's all there was to

If there's any "shortage" of Onyx or Flourite, it's because Charlene
literally has BARRELS of both in her warehouse for use in the Tennessee
Aquarium tanks.<g>  Only kidding, I think Greg will reassure you that
there's plenty more where that came from.

Someone asked how many attendees there were at the conference.  There were
close to 120 people registered when I put together the name tags the day
before the conference.

Someone else asked if people took pictures of Mr. Amano's demo tank.  I'll
tell you, that HAS to be _THE_ most photographed tank ever.<g>  My photos
are slides, so are not back yet.  Lots of other people were taking photos,
though, and I'm sure many of them were using digital cameras.  If someone
doesn't get a photo up soon, I'll make sure one of mine gets up when they
come back.

It was a great time, and hopefully those of you who didn't make it this
year, won't make the same mistake again next year!