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Clippard Minimatics for CO2 fittings

Dave wrote:

"This is an excellent source for check valves, needle valves, manifolds, 
tubing, and other air (CO2) management stuff. A neat thing about this 
company is that they also stock adapters for converting standard pipe 
(example 1/8") into 10-32 thread. I use their needle valves on the CO2 
regulator solenoids on my tanks and they do a great job. They sell metal 
1/8" barbed x 10-32 threaded airline fittings, which are nearly impossible 
to find anywhere locally. The type needle valve I use is only $10. It is 
the same type (appearance) as that used on the M3 CO2 regulator and the 
exact unit used on Knop CO2 regulators. Accurate and reasonable in price."

I've studied the Clippard site and even found out who the local distributor 
is here in Calgary, www.wainbee.ca  for those who might be interested. 
 Dave, perhaps you could tell us which of the 20 different Clippard needle 
valves it is you are using - model number would be good.  I saw your post 
regarding the check valves but I'm unsure of which one it is that you are 
recommending, again a model number would be helpful.  Lastly, which of the 
different hoses that Clippard sell is better suited to C02 delivery. Anyone 
know what makes a hose C02 proof?

And to a more general audience:
I've studied several different manufacturers/price brackets etc. there are 
for Regulators - the selection is VAST!  I have also read (and read, and 
read, and read ...)the article "C02 Regulator Usage in Planted Aquariums" 
by Don Duterte (published on www.aquabotanic.com) about all the different 
features etc.  What I'd like to hear from the "seasoned C02 users" out 
there is a recommendation for a good quality, middle of the road regulator. 
 Do I actually need a Rolls Royce when a Fiat would surfice?  Again a make 
and model number would be useful.  On the odd chance that there are any 
fellow Western Canadians out there, suppliers local to Calgary would be 
another useful piece of information.

As you can tell, I'm setting up my first C02 system and it's all a bit like 
rocket science at the moment - although I'm studying all the information I 
can find and it is sinking in - albeit slowly!  It's very tempting just to 
order a complete kit from someone like M3.  It's not just a matter of 
getting a "bigger bang for my buck", a local supplier (i.e Canadian) is 
much more convenient when it comes to face-to-face technical advice, 
fault/repair issues/ shipping etc


JC in Calgary.