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Clippard Minimatics for CO2 fittings

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share a source I have been using for needle valves and 
fittings for CO2 distribution in my planted tanks. I had been buying these 
thru a local distributor and just found out they can be ordered directly from 
the company. I found them on a NASA advertiser's website.

This is an excellent source for check valves, needle valves, manifolds, 
tubing, and other air (CO2) management stuff. A neat thing about this company 
is that they also stock adapters for converting standard pipe (example 1/8") 
into 10-32 thread. I use their needle valves on the CO2 regulator solenoids 
on my tanks and they do a great job. They sell metal 1/8" barbed x 10-32 
threaded airline fittings, which are nearly impossible to find anywhere 
locally. The type needle valve I use is only $10. It is the same type 
(appearance) as that used on the M3 CO2 regulator and the exact unit used on 
Knop CO2 regulators. Accurate and reasonable in price. 

The URL is www.clippard.com. You can order products or a catalog online. 
Great resource for fellow gadget freaks. This stuff is so specialized you 
would never find it at your neighborhood hardware or Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

I found this site because I have one regulator that is not Knop brand and has 
one of those needle valves that if you turn it 1/100th of an inch your bubble 
rate explodes. Very imprecise. I wanted to convert it to the type on my Knop 
regulators but couldn't find the reducer bushing to go from 1/8" MPT to 10-32 
thread. This company sells it all.

I have no affiliation with Clippard Minimatics.