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Many plants, DOA, from floridadriftwood.com, help!

>Does anyone know of a shipper closer to me (Washington) that knows how to 
>take care of plants, and takes responsibility for packing them 
>appropriately?  I'm not interested in AZ gardens because of their minimum 
>order requirements.

1.  Robert Hudson at www.aquabotanic.com is in Salem, OR, and has a stellar 

2.  Come to the Greater Portland (Oregon) Aquarium Society meetings.  There 
are always plants for auction at every meeting and the prices border on free 
($1-2 for a handful of plants is the typical going rate).  We meet mostly on 
Tuesday evenings, but look out at www.gpas.org for the occasional Saturday 

3.  Let me know if you come to Portland, and I'll let you know if I have 
cuttings available.


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