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Many plants, DOA, from floridadriftwood.com, help!

Hello list,

Is there anyone in the Northwest, especially Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or
California, or nearby?

Just recently, I ordered from Florida my first set of live plants ever.  I
have 60 watts in a 29 gallon tank.  This tank has extremely hard water.  It
took 3 days of adding boiled peat water, peat in nilons, peat in the filter
to finally bring the pH down.  The water is very orange/yellow, but it is
clear and looks nice.  I don't know how much light penetrates to the bottom
of the tank.  Despite this, the one plant I have, Asian Ambulia has doubled
in length in about 1.5 weeks.

I chose 3 day select, and basically all, except some stem plants, died.  I
ordered the plants on a Saturday night, and they were not shipped until the
following Thursday.  They were shipped over the weekend, and left in Spokane
for two days where it was freezing.  Many of the plants were quite small,
and even if they had been alive, I wasn't too impressed.

Does anyone know of a shipper closer to me (Washington) that knows how to
take care of plants, and takes responsibility for packing them
appropriately?  I'm not interested in AZ gardens because of their minimum
order requirements.

Or... I will send you $27 plus shipping cost, and a styrofoam lined box for
extra clippings that would be appropriate for my tank.  I could look into
getting a warmer also, but I do not know where to find one.  The package I
requested was for 55 plants, 15 of which were crystal vals, but whatever you
have, and however many is fine for me.  I really would like java moss and a
java fern included if possible.

As a newly graduated veterinarian, with monsterous debt, and starting a
business, I can't throw money away like this.  Perhaps I'm a bit spoiled.
My own suppliers take responsibility when vaccine shows up warm, or supplies
are damaged in transit, etc.

Peter M. Rule, DVM
Valley Veterinary Service
Prosser, WA