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Albany Aquarium

I stopped by Albany Aquarium on San Pablo in Berkeley the other day and since it had been well over two years since I have been there, some things had changed.  Bay Area people will probably know this, but it was nice for me to see that at least one store within 100 miles has an emphasis on freshwater plants.

Apparently, there is a new owner, a Dutch person, and a fan of the Dutch aquarium style.  They have several very nice, healthy looking planted tanks, all CO2 injected, and a large variety of plants for sale.  They also still sell SAE's, and especially the small ones which tend to eat plants less (I've had a lot of trouble with this).  They sell the Seachem Flourish fertilizers, as well as Onyx and Flourite.  I was pretty impressed since we have nothing like this 65 miles to the east in the Sacramento area.  Especially liked the variety of plants for sale.

Just fyi for people in no. California.

Roxanne Bittman