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Eusteralis and Blyxa

Hello again, Cavan,

Cavan wrote:  "When I had the algae problem, the phosphate level was down
around .1  I don't remember what nitrate levels were then though.  I add a
tiny bit of Seachem discus buffer every two days, as my tank eats .2ppm
daily.  I have noticed that since the macros have been at their current
levels, there has been no stunting of growth tips (except for one stem that
grew above the surface).  Would that have more to do with nitrate or
phosphate?  Or both?"
My recent observation has been that as long as nitrate levels are not
allowed to fall to zero and stay there for a few days I don't have to worry
too much about algae.  My guess is that your phosphate levels are unrelated
to your former algae problem.  Just a guess.  Re the stunting of ES growth,
every time I think I have a clue re the cause, it turns out to be wrong.  I
just don't know what causes the stunting (other than stems that turn over at
the surface under bright light).  It has happened much less frequently to me
over the past year and my guess is that I have kept the conditions quite
stable and kept a little bit of everything the plant likes.  Other than that
I don't have a clue why ES stunts.
Cavan wrote:  "Maybe it is micros.  That much Flourish?  I've heard that a
lot of people have to use much more TMG than is called for too.  I was
having some pale R.  rotundifolia for a while, but more iron helped that.  I
guess a bit more couldn't hurt."
I honestly don't think it will hurt a bit, and suspect it will help
significantly.  My philosophy has gotten simpler and simpler over the years.
Just give the plants what they want.  Everything seems to go much better
when I follow that simple rule.
Cavan also wrote:  "I understand you have Blyxa japonica.  How tall does
yours get?  Mine looks lush and healthy but is only 2/3 inches high.  One of
the AGA tanks had what was called B. japonica but was really high and
grass-like.  Mine is more of a shrub."
I've never been comfortable with Blyxa species names.  I just don't have a
feel for it.  In the AGA showcase my tank has Blyxa sp. on the far left.  It
is a fast grower and a real pretty plant.  When I neglect my tank the Blyxa
grows straight to the top of the tank, turns over and races across the whole
surface.  I have cut stems that were at least 70 inches long and I suspect
it would grow much longer than that.  It just seems to run and run and run.

I think it would be a neat plant for Charlene to experiment with in the tall
tanks at the Tennessee Aquarium.  The other plant I would like to see her
play with is Eichornia azurea (sp?).  That is a monster beautiful plant that
I think would grow 4 or 5 feet tall or more and would be stunning in a
really large tank.  That plant has eaten me alive every time I have tried
Regards, Steve