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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1395

>>I think part of the point is that it's very hard to get a hold of Peter
or whoever at AZ Gardens (that darn voicemail fills too often -- can I
get a witness) and that when Ken did get a hold of someone at AZG,
Peter didn't work something out with him -- or so it seems.  That
doesn't mean we have heard the whole story, but it does appear to be an
unhappy situation at best and one that has gone without anything being
worked out yet.  <<

Well that may be true, of course I have no idea of what happended, but my
point was that once the package leaves their hands, any shipping delays are
totally out of control of the shipper. There is not a darn thing they can do
about it. Wether they blame the fact on the Anthrax scare or not, what can
they do? Wave a magic wand and make it appear? Now if their customer
response time needs to be improved thats entirely different. Doing a credit
card charge back under those circumstances would be tough though. 2 1/2
weeks for a ground shipment isnt that unusual. I have ordered stuff mail
order that takes 4 or 5 weeks.