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Dumping CO2

What's the best way to know when a CO2 tank is about to dump, other than
anticipating when it's close to being empty or by weighing the tank from
time to time?

About my system, I'm using an old Tetra Master CO2 kit's cylinder (7oz. Pin
valve type, was enable to get it filled at Sports Authority's paintball area
for $3.00) and regulator with an ADA speed controller (like a needle valve,
controls flow rate). The system diffuses the CO2 using an Ehiem
Diffuser/reactor. It's been running for about 1 month without any problems
some far. I chose to design this system because, I don't have a lot of space
and must be conservative in its use (I don't have room for a large 5lbs tank
with a regulator). This system supplies CO2 to a 20gal long aquarium(1yr
old) with a variety of hardy plants (Ech. tennellus, Lugwigia, crypts,
monnieri, Hydros and Val.). Tanks conditions are in good shape,  very
healthy growth and minimum algae growth. That's a small snap shot. 

My main question is about the dumping of the small 7oz. Tetra CO2 cylinder;
will it cause a large increase CO2 when it empties and how should I handle
it with this type of cylinder?

Also, does the system I described above have any foreseeable faults,
problems or hazards?

Thanks; any replies would be much appreciated.

One more thing, anyone attending AGA conference please ask Takashi Amano if
he's going to open a store in the US.