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Re: Amquel and rotifers....

Wright wrote:

"From experience among the members of the local SFBAAPS, "Amquel" o/e can
ammonia but still release it to plants OK, so that's one way to protect the

"I don't like it, because I believe plants harbor a lot of rotifers,
etc. that the fish graze on. The chloramine removers are deadly to small
inverts, so I avoid them when carbon filtering (cartridge GAC or block,
in-tank) will do the job. That means my fish get some live foods, whether I
buy them or not."

I've heard this before, in connection with Daphnia. How would you suggest
you treat chloramine treated water if you want to prevent killing the
microfauna in your tank? I have a tank out on the patio which has "swamp
water" in it -- it has produced Daphnia and lots of other small critters all
summer. Now that winter is fast approaching, I'd like to brinng the culture
inside but will eventually need to add some water to it - and Toronto's tap
water is treated with chloramine.

If I limit my water exchanges below, say 20%, would the raw chloramine do
any damage? I thought about using aged tank water, but it has all been
treated with Prime (similar to Amquel).

James Purchase