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Re: Useable source of Calcium and Magnesium

Chuck Gadd wrote:

> At the local health-food store, they have a product that contains Calcium
> Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide, and the other other ingredient is
> cellulose.    It looks to me like a good source for increasing the GH and KH
> of my water.   Is there anything I should be aware of before using it?  I know
> the calcium carbonate part is fine, and I think magnesium oxide should be
> fine, but I'm not sure.

My on-hand source lists the solubility of MgO at only 6.2 mg/l in cool
water.  It could be difficult to dose.

> Also, it states that each tablet contains 250mg of Calcium as Calcium Carbonate.
> Does that mean each tablet contains 250mg of Calcium, or would it be 40% of
> 250 mg (since 40% of CaCO3 is calcium, if I added right)?

I think the 250 mg refers to the amount of calcium, not the amount of
calcium carbonate.

> I've already prepared a quick test solution with a crushed tablet.  The cellulose
> is messy, but a quick strain thru a papertowel removed all of it.

You may have filtered out the MgO solids (and some of the CaCO3) along
with the cellulose.

Roger Miller