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RE: Subject: really, I am setting up a micro-tank

  >Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 00:20:53 -0500
  >From: "kidt cordry" <kidtt at hotmail_com>
  >Subject: really, I am setting up a micro-tank
  >I wasn't joking guys.

I believe you.  Marine aquarists have been playing with Nano-Reef systems
for sometime.

  >I am going to put a 3 inch fish in a 1 gal pickle jar with
  >plants and I do
  >want to rig a co2 line.  The only tech on the tank is the air stone.  No
  >other filtration except the plants, cold water (room temp), sunlit, hand
  >full of kitty litter clay on bottom.
  >I need this to take care of the fish, a cold water europeon
  >geugnen (sp) for
  >a month or 2 till I can make the drive to retrieve my 55 gal.
  >I'll probally put a betta or more likly a pair of drawf frogs in
  >it after
  >the fish moves into the 55 with my rainbows.
  >any thoughts on if I should bother with co2? rot he airstone for that
  >matter?  if weekly water changes would be enough or if I should
  >go on a 3
  >day cycle?  Does anyone keep this kind of fish?

Why don't you look into the Carbonator & Oxydator by Sochting of Germany.
These unique devices produce CO2 & O2 silently in the background.  No
electrolysis no compressed gas no tubing.  Hide them behind your decors and
it is a fully self-sustained system.  Find them from our site.  ; )

Edward - m3