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Re: Ammonia vs. nitrate

This inspires a question or two. Would it be wise to reduce the amount
of biological filtration in my 125 gallon tank (lava rock, ceramic
rings) to free up more ammonia for my plants? My nitrate stays at around
20ppm regardless of plant growth, CO2 saturation, etc. Also I have one
HOTw/2 BWs (eliminate BWs?). When I had excess CO2 some fish would gasp
at the BW area before they died. Also, once a fish suffers from CO2
poisoning(?) can it be saved? I reduced CO2 and still lost a few fish.
Only a few. The majority were not fazed by it. 

To lower CO2 I added a spare HOT for surface agitation and disconnected
a couple of bottles of CO2 and CO2 dropped. Now all bottles hooked up
and discontinued spare HOT and still can't get CO2 levels back up to
20ppm. The only agitation now is the gentle drop from the BWs. 

Can't afford a more sophisticated CO2 system at the moment but plan to
in the future.