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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #917

> Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 21:39:40 -0700
> From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
> Subject: BGA and...  temperature?

> So the question... Has anyone else seen BGA recede after a
> temperature
> increase like that?
> Roger Miller

Yes,and other types of algae as well. I had a notion a number of
years ago like other notions to try to hurt/stunt/kill the algae
but not kill the plants. Temp was one of these. Didn't really
work as good as I had hoped. The proteins would be
hindered/inactivated etc by playing with the temp. Raise up to
90F for 4-5 days. Then try it down the opposite direction if
that didn't work. The plants are larger and have more protection
from environmental extremes etc so this is not an idea that's
too far off base I figured. The plants would make it through the
treament and hopefully the algae would not. The drug idea. Not
enough to kill you but enough to kill the disease. It's fine
line. Neil Frank tried a number of things along these lines and
algicides etc and copper. Algae are tough though. If you kill
one another shows up in it's place if things are out of whack
which back then- I was guessing and getting lucky. I think a big
issue is the MET rates of plants/bacteria and algae. At lower
temps they are slower and perhaps the BGA had enough time to
hang on using what was avaiable. At higher temps the
plants/bacteria used it all up so they died back. They are still
there waiting though:)
Another thing is at lower temps there's more gases(all of them)
in the water. More O2 and more CO2. Algae/plants and bacteria
tend to all grow slower. There's more of these gases available
to the bacteria(O2)etc and more CO2 for the plants. Would this
make a big difference? Maybe enough to knock off some algae or
allow some to exist.Maybe not. I tend to think of it as adding
more CO2 or/and more nutrients since they are being uptaken at a
slower rate and the cooler waters have more gas in them also.
Both of those combined may have a bigger effect than we realize.
Maybe not.Plants/algae bacteria do grow faster at 80-85 than at
70. Hard to control in the summer unless you have air-co.
Just a thought:)
Tom Barr     

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