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Nymphaea Lotus "zenkeri"

    I planted a Nymphaea Lotus with the original batch of plants that went
into my tank. It promptly melted, and all that remained was the "bulb"
looking thing, sort of just lying on the fluorite for about two months. One
day I noticed a few leaves beginning to show. What occurred then was the
most beautiful plant I've ever had in any tank. Really did not know what it
was when I planted it. Did a little reading up on this plant, did the
nipping off of the floating leaves it kept sending up--there is NO space for
surface flowers in this tank--- and after about a month or so with this
plant -- it melted again!
     It has now been in the "bulb" stage for about two months. The "bulb" is
firmly rooted in the fluorite and is very firm to the touch. My question is
this--- is this the norm for this plant--will it grow again--what do I
expect--how do I care for this thing?
      Will appreciate any advice from any that have had experience with this
beautiful plant.

                                Thanks-- Mandy