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Re: Nymphaea Lotus "zenkeri"

 "Wm and Colleen Mandeville" :

>    I planted a Nymphaea Lotus with the original batch of plants that went
>into my tank. It promptly melted, and all that remained was the "bulb"
>looking thing, sort of just lying on the fluorite for about two months. One
>day I noticed a few leaves beginning to show. What occurred then was the
>most beautiful plant I've ever had in any tank. Really did not know what it
>was when I planted it. Did a little reading up on this plant, did the
>nipping off of the floating leaves it kept sending up--there is NO space for
>surface flowers in this tank--- and after about a month or so with this
>plant -- it melted again!

That seemed like a very short growing cycle.  I've seen this plant behave
like this only after a significant temperature change.  Try to keep temp
and perhaps water conditions  as constant as possible to avoid this.

>  It has now been in the "bulb" stage for about two months. The "bulb" is
>firmly rooted in the fluorite and is very firm to the touch. My question is
>this--- is this the norm for this plant--will it grow again--what do I
>expect--how do I care for this thing?

IMHO, this is not "normal".  Unless there is a significant change in
temperature.  Normally, I observe continuous growth until the plant is
harvested then the bulb takes a month to produce a new plant. What is
normal is for this plant to completely take over ANY size aquarium given
bright light, extra nurients, Co2 and a constant temperature.

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