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Re: CO2 & O2

I have to agree with what Tom has to to say about CO2 levels being high and
finding fish gaping at the surface in the morning. When I first set up my
CO2 injected tank I experienced this same problem. On checking the AM PH I
found that the CO2 level was up to 45+ ppm. I lowered the amount of CO2 that
was going into the tank, and finally achieved a happy medium. For some
reason, after the tank was established, the variations between night and
daylight CO2 levels stabilized. I now find 6.8 in the AM, & perhaps 6.9 in
the PM, sometimes close to 7.0. Strangely enough, this is indeed a hp
system. The 6.9 PH represents a CO2 level of 23 ppm in my set-up.