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Re: Snails

> As I do regret the day they introduced themselves to my tank. Apparently
> they came in as eggs on a plant. Same way the Malaysian trumpets came in to
> my tank. Since it has been a running battle trying to rid myself of them
> without breaking the tank down. I hate the little round holes they leave In
> my Anubias Barteri leaves in some cases I've removed half leaves that they
> have chewed upon.

The snails mentioned here do not eat plants. Your Anubias don't have holes
because of the snails. I've kept both for 14 years. No holes.
> Because I keep mainly Apistogramma rasboras and Pencilfish
> in this tank I have not added any of the more robust snail eaters such as
> loaches. Recently I did add a young black ghost to the tank. Its great I no
> longer have to pick snails out of my tank they are gone. Love it the dratted
> shelled crawlers are gone and hopefully they wont return ever. Just my two
> bits

Botia striata are very peaceful and will be fine with your other fish. They
click amongst themselves but don't mess with other fish. They are a nice
schooling fish that stays small.

You folks that seem to think snails= holes are not doing something right
with your plants and blaming your snails. You name a plant and I've had lots
of snails with that plant. No holes. Your holes are from CO2-nutrient
issues. Not snail issues. Focus on that and quit blaming snails. Your
wasting your time and blaming an innocent snail.
If you really want to have a better healthier planted tank you'd be much
better off focusing on that rather than adding snake oil or blaming the
Actually snails are the most gentle on plants compared to all the other
algae cleaning crew, especially fine needled delicate plants. Rotala
wallichii comes to mind. Shrimp are second place but more effective for
general plant tanks. Both work very well together. Add a SAE and you have a
great crew.... unless you have R. wallichii in which case delete the SAE's.

Tom Barr