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Ramshorns do not eat plants!

>> From: Cameron <ccase22 at mail_com>
>> Subject: Ramshorns
>> Will ramshorn snails eat my plants?

No they will not.
> Yes, they will eat plants if you have a lot of them, and you will have a lot
> of them because they reproduce so rapidly!  In my experience, they eat any
> of the softer-leaved plants, including swords, but will say way from crypts
> and Anubias.  They won't bother your Java moss.  My ramshorns especially
> love Hygro polysperma.
> All I have are a few tiny green spots on the back glass, but will they
> eat that?
> Probably, but then you'll go after your plants.

This is simply not true. Your plants are in bad shape if they do. It's not
the snails fault if your plants are doing poorly. They will chew on old
dying or dead plant material. Healthy plants are **always** left alone by
this snail and pond and MTS's.
Something else is going on and your blaming it on the snails.
> Ramshorns won't eat your plants to the extent that mystery and apple snails
> do, but they will create ugly little holes.  They will do quite a number on
> plants they really like.

Uh huh? Gee where are all my little holes?
I think/know you have a CO2 or nutrient problem, not a snail problem.
Apples and Mystery's will eat plants.
> If you only have a few spots, I wouldn't worry about them.
> I regret the day I ever introduced ramshorns into my tanks.  I have to
> regularly remove dozens of them.

Add Zebra loach (Botia striata) and this will cure your snail problem. Then
you will still have holes in your plants and bit more algae to boot.
That's easy to take care of.
> People say that MTSs only come out at night and don't eat plants.  That may
> be true in many cases, but not when you have a population explosion.  When
> I've had population explosions, I've witnessed them munching on my plants
> during the day.
> I think folks are wise to stay away from snails all together.

Well you need to consider other factors before you accuse snails. Holes in
plants are not caused by the or pond or MTS's even en mass. I've have every
snail density ever seen in a tank. Large populations growth rates don't
matter if they eat the plants or not. Poor plant health does.

Tom Barr