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snail elimination

Erick wrote that he's got a black ghost knife fish to eat his snails.  But
since there are pencilfish and apistogramma in the tank as well, it's only a
matter of time before his snail eater turns to dine on the other residents.
I've had the opportunity to watch one of these fish and they seem to have
enormous mouths with appetite to match.

I know it's not for everyone, but I managed to successfully rid two
aquariums of snails by just diligently picking them out at every weekly
waterchange.  This would add a number of minutes to the chore, but after 3
months on a 30 gallon tank there were no more snails.  It seems that until
they reach a certain size they are not sexually mature.  I had the bigger
ones out first and eventually only relatively small ones were left.  Those
hadn't laid any eggs as of yet and when they went, so did the problem.  The
snails had done an absolutely fabulous job of chewing millions of holes into
the Hygophila polysperma.

toronto, canada