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Re: Camallanus nematodes

> I can find Aquatronics' Piperazine at the fish store though.  How effective 
>  is piperazine against camallanus?  And how dangerous is it to small fries, 
>  snails, and plants?

Piperazine (sold as Pipzine capsules) works well against Camallanus.  So does 
Tetra medicated anti-parasite flakes and Pepso flakes, fed for a week or two. 
 All will kill shrimp, including Amano Shrimp.  My ordinary Ramshorn snails 
survived Piperazine, as have miscellaneous fry and plants.  There is a 
warning against its use with invertebrates, so snails might be partially 
affected, but they are still alive in my tank today, several years later.