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tank pictures and questions

I am a relatively new member of this list.  I would like to first of
all say thanks for the info you have provided so far, and will
continue to provide.

I have just posted some pictures of one of my three planted tanks.
The url is:


The tank is a 55 gallon tank.  It has been set up for about 8-10
weeks.  Temp 77 deg F, PH: 6.6-6.8, Hardness 4dKH, 160 watts of light.
substrate is 3-4 inches of flourite, no detectable
nitrates/nitrites/amonia.  I recently added jobes spikes to the val's
and the swords.  I am planning to start adding TMG soon.

I have a couple of questions I hope you guys could answer:

1.  I have some brown spots developing on my banana plants:
Should I be worried?

2.  Does anyone know the scientific name of the val I bought under the
    name "Red Torte Val":

3.  I have three "Red Mellon Swords":
http://www.mikeoconnor.com/fish/melonsword.html One of them (#1)
throws out lots of leaves, but they seem to be translucent.  Another
(#2) grows few leaves which are slighly longer and very dark in color.
(#3) grows very slowly, very few darker leaves.  I am suprised that
the three plants would grow with in such drasticly different ways in
the same tank.  Should I be translucent leaves in #1, anything I could
be doing to get the others to grow faster?

4. When I first put my pygmy chain swords in:
   ...they were growing very fast and sending out lots and lots of
   I started with 3 plants, and 2 months later, I must have 50.  But
   they seemed to have stopped growing.  Not many new plants recently,
   and they arent getting bigger.


Mike & Rachel