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Re: How long does the Fluorite last?

"Catherine"<CDELAHUNT at aol_com> wrote:

> I planted my first tank not long ago, and things seem to be growing well.  I 
> used Fluorite as my substrate and was wondering when I should start putting 
> in the Flourish tabs that I got with the plant order.  I have noticed the 
> sword plants yellowing, but figured it was probably because they were grown 
> emersed.  How long before the Fluorite is tapped out?  Would it hurt anything 
> to put in some of the Flourish tabs?

Flourite should last forever, but it only provides micronutrients and 
exchange sites. The yellowing is N deficiency. Add a few bits of Jobes
sticks near the roots. I can only keep swords, both large size and 
tenelus, if I add these sticks about every other month or so, otherwise
they yellow fast. Don't bother looking for the hard-to-find palm variety.
The "houseplant" kind sold at Home Depot works fine too. 

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD