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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #906

The variegated white and green plant is definitely a Dracaena (not an 
aquarium plant - actually does best if not watered too much) The reddish 
plant looks like the red variety of the Hawaiian "Ti plant" genus 
Cordyline, I think, which can grow as an outdoor shrub in tropics (cuttings 
easily rooted in water). This is also not an aquarium plant.  Both plants 
are good terrarium or house plants for windowsill growing.

Neal Foster

At 03:48 PM 03/17/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 17:17:22 -0500
>From: "John T. Fitch" <JTFitch at FitchFamily_com>
>Subject: Plant Identification Needed
>I recently got a call from my friendly LFS man, inviting me to take a look
>at a couple of colorful new plants they had just received.  They were in a
>box marked "terrarium," but he was convinced they were aquarium plants.
>(It's a chain store, they never know what they're going to get, and the
>shipments never include any identifying information.)  I bought one of each:
>a "green" one and a "red" one.  Now I'm hoping someone will be able to
>identify them for me and tell me whether they really are terrarium plants
>and should be removed or whether it's O.K. to keep them.  The web address
>is: www.fitchfamily.com/aquarium.html.  Many thanks.
>John T. Fitch
>E-mail: JTFitch at FitchFamily_com
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