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Re:Water changes and temperatures

Can you fill from a place where you can adjust the temperature?  I use a 
Python to fill my tank, and I just have it memorized where to turn the hot 
and cold knobs to get the same approximate temperature as the tank water.  
I'm a newbie too, so maybe I am missing something here?

<< Subject: Water Changes
 Being a newbie, I have a question regarding water changes. I have a 55 gal
 tank and when I do water changes, I am talking 15 to 20 gallons of water.
 Coming out of the tap, the water is much colder than the water in the tank.
 It would be awkward for me to keep that much water sitting around to warm up
 for the changes. Will the colder water damage the plants or kill the few
 fish I have in the tank? My water comes from a well, so I have no problems
 with additives to the water.
 Thanks in advance.