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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #899

> Subject: Re: Profile hardens water

 Btw, the Profile I got does not match the physical description of  neither
Profile nor Turface in Jamie Johnson's article. It has 3-4 mm particles
> with a beige, uniform color. I guess there is a lot of variation in their

In the last several weeks I had a conversation with Mary Beth, a Profile
representative, about their products.  The jist of what she told me is that
they have had some product changes over the last several years.  I think the
problem may be the age of the particular bag you happen to buy.

Mary Beth said that water gardeners wanted to use the original Profile, but
they told the company that the particle size was too small.  So they changed
the particle size to make it bigger.  (You may have a bag from this year).
Then they decided to change the color and changed the name to Turface.

Anyway, you can always call Profile (their number is on the bag) and ask for
Mary Beth.  She told me they are happy to answer questions.

Mary McCaw