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actinic bulbs in the freshwater aquarium

Whenever I get to any aquatic workshops I always make it a point to listen
to the the saltwater speakers.  They are usually out there on the frontier,
lighting, trickle filters, mud filters, refugieums etc.  Then we can come
along and "steal" their ideas for freshwater fish, plants etc.  So...while I
was in Edmonton last week the speaker made the comment that the corals
really don't need the actinic spectrum but rather the actinic spectrum bulbs
helped them to somehow absorb more light.  Since we are really referring to
the xanth... in the corals performing the photosynthesis... would adding an
actinic bulb or two help our freshwater plants absorb more light?  I've
heard whispers :-) that actinics seem to help some of the red plants.  Any
saltwater people want to enlighten?  Has anyone tried the actinics on red
plants?  Assuming that you started with a stable, well lighted relatively
algae free CO2 system what were your results?

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com