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Re: Heater Rant

I have had two visi-therm 200 watt units fully submerged for about 7-8
years now, with no problems.... One of them actually cooked for a while
after I did a water change and had it running with no water. After cooling
it off with a fan (BTW, the sizzling sounds when I started filling the tank
tipped me off that something was wrong :-{) and refilling the tank I got
another 4 years or so out of it. It actually just died late last year, due
to a failure of a crimp connection between the element and the connections
on the control assembly inside the glass tube.

Basically: install them any way you want, they'll work fine, just keep them
in the water! :-). 


>Here what I see on the Visi-Therm intruction sheet.  It says "Water level 
>must be maintained at the water level mark near the top of the heater."  
>Figure 1 on the sheet illustrates that instruction.  Another illustration 
>shows the heater in a vertical position with the dial above the water line 
>and a YES written next to it.  Another part of that same illustration shows 
>the heater in a horizontal position completely underwater (the position I 
>was planning to install my heater) with a NO next to it.
>However, another part of the instruction sheet say "VISI-THERM is a 
>submersible aquarium heater."  (which comports with the language on the box 
>and on Aquarium System's website).