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RE: yeast CO2 and heater rant


Here what I see on the Visi-Therm intruction sheet.  It says "Water level 
must be maintained at the water level mark near the top of the heater."  
Figure 1 on the sheet illustrates that instruction.  Another illustration 
shows the heater in a vertical position with the dial above the water line 
and a YES written next to it.  Another part of that same illustration shows 
the heater in a horizontal position completely underwater (the position I 
was planning to install my heater) with a NO next to it.

However, another part of the instruction sheet say "VISI-THERM is a 
submersible aquarium heater."  (which comports with the language on the box 
and on Aquarium System's website).

As I am, at bottom, wont to take the easy way out, I decided that I'm not 
going to sort out what Visi-Therm is trying to communicate to me and bought 
a replacement Ebo-Jager:-)) I also decided NOT to read the Ebo-Jager 
instruction sheet . . . ;-))


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