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Water Quality Question - Please help any chemists on the list !

Could someone please suggest what I should do to my tap
water to make it more suitable for plants ? I currently
do not add anything to the tapwater. Would it be correct 
to say that my water is very soft and not well buffered ?

pH - 6.4
Carbonate Hardness - 10ppm or 0.56 degrees
General Hardness - 30ppm or 1.68 degrees

Another question.  I measured the pH in my 10gal tank and 
it is 7.0 with the carbonate hardness at 10ppm or 0.56 deg
and the general hardness at 1.68 deg.

I am injecting CO2 into this tank with the diy method into 
the intake of a aquaclear mini.  The tank is kept at about
26 degrees, has 30watt of light (warm white and grolux) and 
is planted with Hygro, Ludwiga, Chain Swords, Java Fern and
ambulia.  How come the pH is so high compared to my tap water
and why does the CO2 level seem so low (after reading the
charts).  I would have thought with such a low carbonate 
hardness that my water would be acid due to the CO2 injection.
I have checked the gravel in vinager and it does not fizz so
there is no limestone and any element in it that could 
contribute to the hardness.

Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated !
Thanks everyone

Jon Hammond
Perth, Western Australia