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Re: Another KH question

> >	We don't _know_ what these buffers are, but there is a suspicion
> >that they are amino acid-based.  That means that you are _not_ adding
> >KH when you add them.
> Let me just dispel that suspicion then ;-)
> Alkaline Buffer does raise KH because it is bicarbonate based.
> Acid Buffer will lower KH (and pH) because it is acidic (it is 
> bisulfate based, and actually says so right on the bottle ;-)

	In that case, the "Acid Buffer" isn't a buffer at all, at least
not at any pH of interest to us.  Its sole function is to destroy KH.
One would never use it with the "Alkaline Buffer", because it would
be simpler just to use less of the "Alkaline Buffer".

> Or just add a bit of Alkaline Buffer every few days or as needed. 
> Since your system is producing acids on its own, you don't need to 
> use the Acid Buffer when you're adding to the existing tank.

	One would expect to use it only to reduce the KH of water that
was harder than one wanted.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada