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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #876

> Your not a maintenance reef guy doing a big planted tank are you - ?

thanks for the help, tom.  i'm a professional aquarist at the omaha zoo.  i
started in freshwater when i was 14 and stayed in it until i was 21.  i have
been doing reefs ever since.  i have seen some of the amazing plant tanks
being done and when i was offered the chance to create one, i jumped at the
chance.  its alot of fun to learn new things.

> Where in the world is this thing going to be located? 800 lbs of

this tank will be in omaha.

> Good luck, Craig. If all else fails, we can go to Mitch's house and
> swim in his tank!!

its not in my house.  like i said, im an aquarist, i could never afford
this!  luckily i get to play with others money.