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Re: Root feeding stuff...

Cavan wrote:

" James, the tablets I have are potassium gluconate.
Flourish potassium is potassium sulfate (Greg Morin
tells me). "

O.K. - I've used both products, with good results.

"My substrate has quite a bit of mulm, and has been set
up in it's current configuration since December.
There is quite a bit of detritus on the bottom; so
much sometimes that I can't figure out where it came
from.  I have read that macrandra likes organic matter
around the roots.  Is mulm good enough, or will the
Jobes make a noticeable difference?"

The only real way of finding out is to try a few of the Jobes spikes and see
how your plants react. As I mentioned earlier, take it slowly and use only a
few spikes to start with - wait at least a month before you draw any

"Since I have backed
off on the kno3 and added more potassium sulfate, the
macrandra has improved in color.  "

This _could_ indicate that your tank has enough nitrogen available in its
current state. Sulphur is a macronutrient, every bit as important as the
others, so providing your Potassium in association with Sulphate as opposed
to Nitrate might just mean that your plants appreciated the Sulphate as much
as they appreciated the Potassium.

Long distance diagnosis is both difficult and dangerous. Balance is the key
and you have to determine that yourself through patient and careful
observation. From what you have written, I think that you are more than
capable of finding the balance for your tank. Just keep following through on
your adjustment, keeping good notes and making one change at a time,
allowing for the results of each change to become visible.

Good luck,

James Purchase