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More Root Feeding Stuff

James, the tablets I have are potassium gluconate. 
Flourish potassium is potassium sulfate (Greg Morin
tells me).  I got the F potassium in a trade.  
My substrate has quite a bit of mulm, and has been set
up in it's current configuration since December. 
There is quite a bit of detritus on the bottom; so
much sometimes that I can't figure out where it came
from.  I have read that macrandra likes organic matter
around the roots.  Is mulm good enough, or will the
Jobes make a noticeable difference?

This brings up another question.  Since I have backed
off on the kno3 and added more potassium sulfate, the
macrandra has improved in color.  I remember someone
mentioning something about this, but I couldn't find
it in the archives for some reason.  Why could this

Thanks, Cavan

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