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Re/Re: Outdoor Aquarium Qs

Hey Colin :)
   I hope somebody answers your question regarding
your outdoor aquarium. I would be interested in
finding out the answers also. 
   I cannot say for aquariums but for plants in pots
here in Canada (where it gets pretty dang cold in the
winter) there is a way of overwintering them that I
think might pertain to the problem. If we want to
overwinter them it is said that you want to cut the
windchill factor by wrapping them in burlap or/and
putting them in a sheltered place (this cuts the
chance of frost getting to the roots). I know that
that is a little off topic but I would think the same
rules would apply somewhat to the aquarium. Can you
create a wind break for the aquarium? Also from my
very limited knowledge of ponds would it also be
advisable to create as much of a flow rate with
airation to keep the waters surface from freezing?
   Just a couple of thoughts, like I said it would be
interesting to see what others come up with. 

Davis :)

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