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cheap "Profile" at Wal-mart

I just found some 40 pound bags of Profile "clay soil conditioner" at
Wal-Mart last night.  They were marked down from $12 to $6.50.  One of
the garden dept. workers cut open a bag so I could see what the stuff
looks like.  It looks about like the absorbant clay used for
non-clumping cat litter.  I'm guessing that's exactly what it is,
except that it has been fired in a kiln.  Anyway, I bought the bag and
when I took it to the checkout, it rang up as $3 instead of $6.50!  I
questioned it, and they said it must have been marked down again for
end-of-season (they had other stuff in the garden area marked down to
absolutely ridiculous prices).

I may go back and get a couple of more bags at this price to use in my

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