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Re: night lighting

Mea culpa.  I gave in to craziness last Friday and bought some aquarium junk. But it's APD's fault with this thread on 
"night lighting". 

OK, maybe I did it as a Public Service Product Test. Yeah, that's the ticket - I 
did it for YOU!

OK, I feel better now. 

What I bought was something new called the MiracleBeam (tm) Aquarium Laser 
System. The "list price" was $61.25 but the "introductory special" was 25% off 
($46). I imagine you can get it mail order for $20. That sounds expensive for 
junk but when you consider that we spend $20 per week for live brine shrimp, it 
isn't so bad. Unless we're getting screwed for the brine shrimp, which is a 
distinct possibility.

Anyway, claims for the MiracleBeam (tm) Aquarium Laser System are: 

> The MiracleBeam Aquarium Laser is: 
> * Perfect for Fresh and Saltwater Fish
> * Improves the Color of Your Tropical Fish and Enhances Fin Growth
> * Increases the Life Span of Your Fish
> * Helps Reduce Bacteria and Infection by Purifying the Water
> * Increases the Incubation Rate of Eggs and Growth of Fry
> * Creates an Aquarium Night Light of Unmatched Beauty

I was just going for the Unmatched Beauty of the Night Light, but all the other 
stuff is cool too :-}.

> With its patented holographic lens, it creates a safe cone of laser light     
> similar to that which occurs naturally in a reef environment. 

I bet Julian Sprung would be surprised by that! 

> The sun naturally emits a spectrum of light similar to that of a laser and    
> thus the MiracleBeam Laser produces many benefits for your fish in addition to 
> the light effect.

Well, yes, the sun does emit some light in the 630-680 nm range (red). But these 
folks are missing a bet - WHAT ABOUT PHOTOSYNTHESIS!!!  Yo, Mama, this could be 
the Next Big Thing for planted tanks!

> Other MiracleBeam Aquarium Laser Products:
> * Individual Laser Modules (use one per 10 gallons)
> * Treaure Chest Laser Module

Just to demonstrate this is a serious product.
OK, enough hype - what the heck is it? 

You get two "laser modules" that look like the guts of a laser pointer but they 
have a lens in front that produces a spiral galaxy effect (the "cone").  It 
includes a 6 volt step down transformer and a little junction box that can power 
up to five laser modules. The modules have suction cups mounted on a swivel so 
you can mount them like spotlights in the tank.

In operation, they project a bright red spot with a fainter pattern of the 
spiral galaxy. We aimed it at some Micranthemum umbrosum and the effect was 
interesting - like glowing embers in a fire. Cardinal tetras seemed to like it 
and cavorted around in the light. 

I'm not too sure about the other claims though.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)