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Best way package plants for shipping?

I ship my plants in plastic fish bags.  There are
certainly many of ways to do it successfully, but this
is what I recommend.  Put the plants in the fish bags
root and crown first.  If the plant wasnít dripping
wet when you put it in the bag add a teaspoon of
water.  Then, partially deflate the bag and tie it
off.  If you make the bags rock hard, itís tough to
fit a bunch of them in a box or styro.  Use a sharpie
to write the name of the plant on the bag.  You might
be able to tell your crypts or swords apart, but
someone else may not.  When someone receives your
plants, they can cut the bottom of the bag and pull
the plants out crown first.  If you are worried about
heat or cold, use a styro or put the bags in a bigger
bag, wrap it in wet newspapers and put this bundle in
another bag before it goes into the box.

I have had plants sent to me in wet newspaper.  When
unwrapping them, I always break a leaf.  I also found
it difficult to ID plants within the same genus.  

Good luck,


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