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Re: Best way package plants for shipping?

Quite a while ago, someone posted methods for sending plants. (D. Gomberg?) 

Through trades, I have found plants fare best (and this agrees with his post) 
when placed in a zip lock or bag of this type with some moisture, _no_ 
packing material around the plant (newspaper or paper towels), flat (don't 
fill with air) and mailed as is.

I always wrap packing stuff around the bags and then place them in a priority 
mail box and send via priority mail--I always envision them being crushed 
through handling, but I've gotten plants placed only in bags, within the box, 
and they come through great. Far better than when wrapped with paper towels 
or newspaper. The box is a necessity and priority mail is probably best.


> What is the best way to mail java ferns?  I'm guessing that you just
>  wrap them in saturated wet paper, put them in a plastic bag and seal
>  it up with some air in it, and mail via "priority mail" or "first
>  class" in a rigid but not necessarily sturdy box.  Is that about it?