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Re: no reply, Browning Java Moss ??

>On to the question: I recently, 1 month ago,
>introduced java moss into my tank and it has since
>turned brown in color.  It does not seem to be
>growing.  What could be going on, can it be too much
>light?  Below are my tank conditions:

About 13mts ago I lamented the fact that several posters were referring to
Javamoss as a "vile weed" [remember that?) I could never figure out how
come they could get it to grow so fast and so well that they were

Since then I've made these observations that might be helpfull.

1.   Javamoss does NOT like new aquariums.  It is vulnerable to those brown
diatoms that oft grow on aquarium glass...they smother the moss.  

2.   Javamoss does NOT like continual change in water conditions.  This may
perhaps be b/c the plant takes a while to adapt to new conditions and must
synthesize new proteins capable of allowing the plant to function properly
(speculation on my part based on some old work I did on "heat-shock" genes).

3.   Javamoss will prosper best when left alone in an aged aquarium.  It
will prosper even if the water is not circulated.  It will prosper even if
there is low light.  

4.  The BEST conditions I've seen Javamoss prosper under is an OLD
aquarium, moderate fertilization, bright light and Co2.  But not at first.
I takes the Javamoss a couple weeks to adapt and get going.

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