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Re: O2 levels

John wrote:

"I'd just like to know what range of acceptable tritation tube readings are
for this kit."

I could be snarkey and merely say that the O2 level of the water in your
aquarium should be at or very close to saturation levels at all times. After
many years of monitoring my planted tanks, the only time the O2 levels have
ever dipped has been when I got lax with maintenance and the BOD of the tank
exceeded the plants abilities to release O2 into the environment.

However, since you don't have lots of plants and want to have lots of fish,
I would still advise you to maintain the O2 levels at or very close to
saturation levels. Make sure that you don't let waste products build up in
the tank (bacterial decomposition of organic wastes will consume O2), keep
the water moving (good circulation will promote gas exchange at the
air/water interface).

For anything further, may I suggest the following URL:

There is a table there which will give you the saturation values for waters
of various salinities and temperatures (at sea level). It also has detailed
and very clear instruction on how to conduct Winkler Method DO measurements
(such as your LaMotte test kit).

Good luck,

James Purchase