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RE: Charleston Aquarium

> Hey everyone,
> Going to Charleston for a few days and wonder if anyone has been to the
> aquarium there? Is is nice? Also, are there any good aquarium
> stores worth
> going to? Thank you.
> Dave

  I went to the aquarium about a month ago while I was back south visiting
my family.  Compared to some of the other aquariums I have been too
(Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore) it is pretty small, but I really enjoyed
it b/c I miss Charleston and its marine ecosystems (I live in WI now).  My
family and my wife really loved it... is mostly marine systems (not much in
the way of corals, more the typical Charleston estuary stuff), and river
systems.  I would say go, but if you don't have much time, you might enjoy
all the other "touristy stuff" a little better.
  As far as aquarium stores, the only one that I would consider recommending
is Tideland Aquatics in N. Charleston (technically Hannahan... look them up
in the phone book and ask for directions... about a 10-15 min drive from
downtown).  If you happen to be on James Island (on your way out to folly
beach) you might stop by Floyds on Folly road (across from the Taco bell);
when I was there a year ago he was still getting settled in, but he has lots
of marine critters and knows his stuff for the most part... although he is
very much the "burnt out surfer" type who will talk your ear off. :-)