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Re: KNO3

> From: Adam Weingarten <javablue at concentric_net>
> Does anyone know where I can find some KNO3 in the us.  I live in Boston and 
> don't know anyplace to buy some.  Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Any pharmacist should be able to get you some saltpeter (or saltpetre),
but at least here in Minnesota they won't; I guess they are afraid we're
gonna make gunpowder or something.  You can try your luck in Boston.

"Gordons Stump Remover", available at gardening centers is potasium
nitrate.  I called the company to make sure it was KNO3 and not NaNO3. 
It seems to have a waxy coating that doesn't disolve, so crunch up the
little white KNO3 balls (called "prills") and then filter the solution
with a fine mesh tea strainer after you disolve them.

Best regards,