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Filter recommendation

First, a big thanks to all on the list- I've been reading and learning, and
my 10 gallon planted tank is doing fairly well right now.

I do have a question:  Right now, I have a Penguin Mini filter on it, but it
appears to be slowly dying on me.  It has begun to stop working
intermittently and is becoming kind of noisy.  I've pulled it out and taken
it apart, cleaned it several times, looked for impeller damage, etc and
can't see anything.  If I do need to get a new filter, what would people
here recommend for a 10 gallon tank?  I could get another Mini, but it does
cause surface agitation, which will outgas some of the CO2, correct?  Is
there a better choice?  (I suppose I could move over the HOT Magnum, but
that might be a bit of overkill....  :) )


New Hampshire, USA

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