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H2O2 & Bacteria

I'm currently doing an H2O2 experiment because hair algae has pretty
much stopped ALL plant growth in my tank, Cacomba, Anachris, and a
sword. I used a 3% solution and a 1/2 oz. in a 10 gallon tank. I removed
the 3 apple snails (since i wanted to keep the little critters) and
currently there's 2 Cory Cats, 2 Flame Dwarf Gourami's, and 1 Pl*co and
they seem to be doing fine. It's been about 18 hours since i put the
solution in the tank. I was unable to bypass the filter because it was
somewhat pointless, I have an Aquaclear mini with 2 sponges, i didn't
have any way to keep the filter alive outside the tank. So today i took
an ammonia test and found out i'm starting to get little traces of
ammonia, it's still under .5 ppm however. I'm not sure if the effect on
the pond snails is due to the peroxide or not, but most of the pond
snails have come up to the waterline, maybe 25-30 (could be a good way
to get rid of them) I was going to do a water change after the 72 hour
mark, but I'm going to have to keep an eye on ammonia and if it gets .5
i'm gonna do a 50% water change. Unfortinatly, I still have LOTS of the
hair algae, and I can't tell if the peroxide is killing it off, and i'm
hoping i wont have to cut the experiment short, is it still possible to
bypass the filter? the tank will still rise in ammonia anyway without
the filter or nitrifying bacteria in the tank, i can take water from a
different tank i have and just soak the sponges in that water until this
is over.. It's an Aquaclear mini with 2 sponges that sits on top of the
tank. I also have not seen any fizzing whatsoever in the tank. The only
time i've ever seen fizzing was when i do a water change and dump the
tank water into the bathtub, kinda curious what this is about too :)