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Breeding Amano Shrimps9

I know of no sources but if you have the Yamato Pond Shrimp, which is just 
one of many species pushed by Amano, green water and the attendant 
microflora and fauna are a must. The nauplii go through a number of 
transformations just like their oceanic brethern before becoming shrimp. The 
adults are cannibalistic and will attack smaller individuals while their 
shells are dry. Usually, I just go to the reservoir on the Otoné or Arakawa 
rivers to collect mine.

Hi! Have anyone successfully bred the amano shrimps before? Emilio just gave
3 female shrimps with eggs last nite. I would like to try to breed them
although I know it's kind of impossible:P I need some useful websites
regarding this topic if you have some to share with me.
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